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Thanks NewGrounds

2013-01-23 01:51:30 by fluffkomix

This is gonna be a bit of a bittersweet post.

So this is almost five years ago, I stumbled upon NewGrounds during one of my classes, and played some games. Then I watched some animations. I thought "wow this is really cool" and then thought "well this is something i'm probably not gonna have a chance to do, I have no idea what they're doing here. It just really looks cool."

Fast forward a month and my class is doing a week on, wouldn't you know it, flash animation. I got so excited over it that I worked hard and had arguably the best animation in the class, by technical standards. Others had better stories and humor but mine had the drawn movement down that others were just tweening. It was funny, I actually failed that class because I would ignore every future project and work on my own little animations. I made a NewGrounds account and started posting stuff (that mostly got blammed). I thought I was so clever and funny and I was in grade 9 and 14 and I didn't know shit. I also wasn't funny.

So I continued animating throughout the year. This wasn't like a serious pastime or anything, it was just something to do when the video games got boring. However, this changed a bit when the next year came along. In February of 2009 my father passed away in his sleep. I don't know if any of you reading this have ever had a close loved one die while you were young (I was 15 at the time and a very emotional teenager) but even so, i'm sure you can imagine this wasn't very easy to deal with. Before he died I was offhandedly working on an animation called No Frame By Frame, which was inspired by the countless experimental fbf animations that had been plaguing the portal at around that time, so when my dad died I needed a distraction. I needed something I could put all my time into and therefore avoid the rest of my family for the time being, as it's really depressing being around your family when a loved one dies. I put my time into finishing No Frame By Frame. It was the first animation I had actually considered finished since the year beforehand in class, and when I finished it I felt amazing. I got hooked on that amazing feeling and I decided to put more time into animation.

Over the next few years I spent my time on countless animation experiments, failed projects, completed projects, and researching how to animate better. In this time I started actually drawing and improving that side of me as well, and my animations only improved. It has now been almost five years since NewGrounds inspired me and four years since it gave me that first real motivation to finish an animation. I now have animation school and a job in television under my belt, and things are really only looking up from here. I have never been happier than I am when i'm animating or drawing. This never would have happened without NewGrounds, and I am extremely appreciative.

However, this is where the sweet ends and it gets bitter.

Don't expect too many posts from me here. I haven't completely abandoned this site but there are many things about this site that i've grown to dislike and it has caused me to stop bothering so much. While I used to check on NewGrounds multiple times in a day, I now maybe check it once every few weeks just out of curiosity. Here's why I believe i'm not so interested in NewGrounds anymore:

1: The art portal size restrictions. As most of my time spent working on animations is really study and experiments, anything I would post here is art. I do most of my drawings in high resolution, so when I go to upload to the usual places (deviantart, tumblr, newgrounds), my piece gets refused and I don't feel like re-sizing the picture just for NewGrounds. I have other things to do, if people really want to see it they can check out my Deviantart Edit: this has changed but this really was just an excuse anyways)

2: The userbase. While I feel like this is mostly a maturity thing, i've grown to dislike a lot of the users on NewGrounds. Honestly I kind of see myself in them. I see the kid who's eager to become everything he dreams of but who doesn't want to wait for it, or I see the kid who thinks he's cool but is really making a fool of himself, or I see the kid who just doesn't know what he's talking about but wants to feel important. I did all those things when I was younger, and unlike deviantart and tumblr where these types of people are easily avoided, in NewGrounds I see these people everywhere. There aren't as many of these here as there are on deviantart and tumblr, but I don't see them as much there and it doesn't bother me.

3: This is honestly the most important one for me. The content has changed, and yet it has not. Earlier in NewGrounds' life we saw greats like Oney and HappyHarry and Egoraptor and hotdiggedydemon and so many others constantly creating new interesting animations, all their own. They had built their own style and were amazing people with them, but then they slowly left NewGrounds for other places, mainly YouTube. I do not believe they have completely abandoned this place (I haven't kept up enough on NG news to know that), but I do know that when I do check on the NewGrounds front page I don't see any of these people. What I do see instead bugs me in a way that it shouldn't. When these people left NewGrounds they left room for others to rise up in their place, but instead of finding their own path and creating their own voice, they took what they knew was successful and copied it. Now when I look at the NewGrounds front page I see nothing but copies of the old NG greats, with the same joke styles and same art styles but with none of the pizzazz. Those old NG greats were great because they constantly wowed us with new and exciting content! Not because they showed us old re-hashed jokes. The reason this shouldn't bug me so much is because we all start copying. Art is theft, in a sense. We all develop our style by taking pieces of what we see and like from other people and attaching them to our style until we get this frankenstein-esque monster that we then refine through study and practice. I guess the reason it bugs me so much is because it feels like there's no talent on the front page any more. I don't like that. It's all cyclical, i'm sure it'll come back again, but it feels like we're in a low period at the moment.

When I was younger I always told myself that I would love NewGrounds forever. I told myself that NewGrounds is the best place on the internet and I doubt anything better would spring up. While I still doubt that anything better than NewGrounds of old will spring up, I really just feel like it's degraded to a point where I don't feel like contributing that much any more. If my art posts are small enough and I bother I'll still post those here, but for now It seems that i'm done.

I never thought I would make a post like this. I'm sorry everyone.

Keep it classy NG. If you want, you can check out my deviantArt and my tumblr. I'm much more active there, especially on tumblr. This isn't goodbye, this is merely farewell for now.

P.S. I don't know if anyone noticed, but that drawing down there is a throwback to how I originally drew my characters when I first came onto this site. Similar colors, same clothes

edit: Since some people are getting confused, i'll clearly list my intent here. This is not a "NewGrounds sucks" post, but rather a post explaining why Newgrounds is not the place for me right now, how I don't like what i'm seeing, and that my focus has changed. I'll hopefully be back eventually but for now i'm out. Thanks for everything!

Thanks NewGrounds


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2013-01-23 03:08:08

I feel the same way when I look at the front page. See you around. :)

fluffkomix responds:

It's been fun


2013-01-23 03:35:03

Sad to see you leave,

I have been around NewGrounds since back in 2004, and honestly the front page hasn't changed much since then (as far as content) Back in the day there were the hentai games, the dick jokes, and crude animations, as well as original content.

With the first two things set aside, I'd mainly like to focus on your main reason you are deciding to say farewell. The content, YES, I agree with what you have said, the Featured Content on here do feel like re-hashing of Ego, Hot Diggity, and Harry. That just so happens to be the content that is bringing traffic to the site. Its short, funny, and usually easy to make. With that said, it is our job as artists and developers to make things that are engaging and entertaining.

This is a community based site, If you are unhappy with what is presented and featured, then make sure to Vote and Share the video's that you want more people to enjoy.

If you shoot back a bit to about 2005 everybody was trying to copy LegendaryFrog and Granfaloon, its the natural way that entertainment develops. Even in "Hollywood" you'll see directors trying to copy other's styles.

To sum up, I think that Newgrounds is what you make of it, I enjoy having an "artists" community to work with, that's what I make of it. I actually think that NewGrounds has gotten better over the years, not worse. With the development of the project systems and all of the tools that the admin are giving us as content creators, really is awesome.

I hope you decide to come back one day, I hope you have tons of new content to share with Newgrounds.

(Updated ) fluffkomix responds:

I may very well come back someday! I hope that you're right and the environment here will improve to the point that I am tempted to come back, but until then I'm just gonna floating through the internet trying to find my next place. Right now it looks like tumblr but i'm not so sure.


2013-01-23 04:03:44

I agree, the climate around here's definitely changed... Everybody's trying to be Spazkid and Ego, MUCH HARDER than ever before, to the point where they're even eardropping color palettes, and suddenly everything's fucking Pokemon and Minecraft... Enough... There's alot less submissions coming through as well.

fluffkomix responds:

Things'll get better eventually I hope. Just gotta wait until then


2013-01-23 05:13:16

I don't visit the art portal enough to relate to your first reason for leaving, but I completely understand #2 and #3. I've grown apart from the Newgrounds community because so many people on the site (even many of the most talented artists) are so carefree, rude, and irritable about anything and everything, even little things that don't really matter. Part of me disagrees that Newgrounds has changed significantly in the past decade or so, because everyone has always been modelling their content after the artists they look up to the most, but what irritates me is that these days, everyone is trying to copy animations that are short, uncreative, effortless, and predictable. There used to be a lot more variety on the front page because the artists everyone looked up to had more unique and ambitious ideas to offer.

In a way, though, the downward spiral of Newgrounds content and creativity is a motivator for me not to follow the same wavelength as others are. I want to make things that feel fresh and let the world know that the Internet has more to offer than cheap laughs and random acts of violence. I'm just still working on figuring out how to do that

(Updated ) fluffkomix responds:

I wish there were more people with your viewpoint! At least, more people on this site. The whole thing feels like a god damn popularity contest rather than a make-good-art contest.

.....which is actually what I tried to do way back when I started off here. Be popular. Ha. Haha.


2013-01-23 05:57:00

I have no idea who you are, and this might make me sound like one of those arrogant kids that you are leaving newgrounds for but what i get from reading this post is:

You think resizing an image is a lot of work, i can do it with a small plugin in my OS so i don't even have to open up a photo editing program, but even with that said, a resize takes max. 2 minutes, but you think the problem is on NGs side for not having as much server space as deviant art wich is a big corp.

Well, fair enough, let's get to your next point-
Noone is innovative anymore
- while i do agree that some of the games can be kinda repetitive, this place is open for everyone, and i see no website on the web with more regularly submitted games than here, if you're talking about movies, well i can agree with you on the fact that there might be a couple of well established artists on NG that are "just" copying other peoples ideas, but if you actually check out the front page thoroughly there is actually quite a lot of original stuff on there, also as you say, people start learning by copying, i think there are still a lot of talented artists here on NG who are doing a brilliant job being original - the lest point i am going to make on this subject is; if you don't like what you see, submit some of your own stuff!

what i'm really getting at is that NG might not be all that it used to be, but it will never come to its original glory if people just turn their back on it like you do, what i really read from this post is "newgrounds has nothing left to offer me, i already worked on grade A animations" i think that's kinda sad, these are the times where we need to stick together, and not just turn to youtube because they have a better sponsor program, NG id independent because Tom is one of the few people who never SOLD OUT! And yea, that sometimes means tough times, and yes, a lot of original stuff is now only on youtube, but hey! Don't follow the masses!

I didn't mean to sound rude or angry, but _THIS_ is what is killing newgrounds, not the copycat animators

Sincerely Hexar
NG user for 12 years - still checking in almost every day

(Updated ) fluffkomix responds:

Well the art portal size restriction is really just a minor annoyance, but it's enough to make me move on without resizing, because as I said I have a lot of other things to do. I want to be able to just dump my art everywhere and move on.

I feel like the front page is just filled with people who are still trying to find themselves in their art. ReklessCreati0n down below explained that this has happened before and that talent will return, but for now I don't see a point in checking out the front page. I would post my own stuff but i'm really busy. I'm currently designing a game with Shedhed Multimedia and i'm also working on improving my portfolio so I can apply to some of the studios around here like DHX and Atomic Cartoons for some more work. I would love to be someone who posts quality content once a month but completing an entire animation is just too much work for me right now.

Hopefully i'll be back.


2013-01-23 08:18:46

I feel your pain. I checked out NG WAY back in the day when a friend told me about Final Fantasy A+. I absolutely loved that animation. After finding it, I got curious, poked around, and started seeing some really good stuff. But like you said, the frontpage has turned to liquid shit. I'm so sick of only seeing one thoughtful animation a month, if I'm lucky. I can see why you, as an artist, would like to leave and I don't blame you one bit. Good luck with your art career and I hope you find greener pastures!

(Updated ) fluffkomix responds:

Thanks mate, keep on truckin!


2013-01-23 08:37:53

Annoyingly, I think you make very good points for #2 and #3, which can be pretty damning for an animator like yourself (I prefer games, so it's not so much a bitter pill for me). While people should be influenced by the cartoons and humour they like, there comes a point when some animators are merely making a carbon copy. The "shout & gurn style" is used a lot, but it's not developed for the past few years.

NG also prides itself on the frankness of the reviewers, but there comes a point when a person isn't telling it how it is, but is just another prat at a keyboard who hasn't a clue about what they're talking about.

About the canvas size of the portal ... I'd probably increase it to 3000x3000 (max 9x10^6 px2), but otherwise it's not that big a deal. When you fullview a picture, it shouldn't be so large for the screen that you have no idea what you're looking at. Flicking through your DA gallery, I don't think most of your pics need to be that high a resolution. Stuff with a lot going on in them, like this o/spatulons-vs-phlovomites would benefit.

I have no idea how behaviour like #2 and #3 can be resolved, sadly, since they're community-based, not site controlled. I would like to see NG move towards app based creations, however, since that's where the market is heading.

... anyway, sorry to hear you're leaving NG, and you've made some great points. If you find better places to be creative, then go for it.

(Updated ) fluffkomix responds:

Haha, the art portal thing is really just a small annoyance that stops my lazy ass from submitting art here. I make art at a high resolution out of habit, main reason being that when i'm sketching things out I can resize them without it looking like shit while i'm still working on it. I'm generally too lazy to resize it afterwards because I haven't found a way to do that easily in sai and photoshop takes a while to load and fuck it i've looked at this image for long enough, time to move onto the next one.

I figure #2 and #3 will resolve themselves over time. Until then, i've got better places to be.



2013-01-23 10:02:59

If you think newgrounds is suffering from a lack of creativity then maybe you should check out Youtube again. Yes, we have our constant Minecraft parodies and Skyrim jokes but it's not like Newgorunds is the ONLY site suffering from this cancer. Just about every site will have your Smosh or Tobuscus, people who churn out the same boring shit that everyone seems to devour. Newgrounds still has PLENTY of creativity in it, it's just that a lot of the Old Guard (Oney and Egoraptor as you have said) are just preoccupied with their own work as you said.

fluffkomix responds:

Just because one site is worse doesn't make this any better. NewGrounds will be great again, we just have to wait.


2013-01-23 11:25:24

In a way I can kinda agree that Newgrounds has changed, in a way I can also see it's original content.

For starters the only thing I find irritating is that in order to get fame on the internet, you have a couple of options:

1. The hardest option EVER, to create original content
2. That'll immediately fail because people will ultimately look for the next numbers:
3. Pokemon Parody
4. Batman Parody
5. Minecraft Parody
6. Dragonball Parody
7. My Little Pony Parody
8. Game Grumps Animation, ultimately devouring the first way of making a cartoon famous.
9. If you're famous already and you'll instantly get the views racked up.

Ultimately I find it disgusting that THIS is the fate of NewGrounders. And what's even worse is now if you create something like the unoriginal, it will be the only thing anyone will recognize from you, the rest will become obsolete in the deepest depth of Newgrounds.

Please find me ANYTHING that doesn't follow by these guidelines and prove me wrong, because YouTube has the exact same fate. No one is gonna recognize you if you haven't made a parody of the most unnecessarily popular trends.

Facebook Reality for me was an example of making something that nobody else was really doing, and that got famous. Nobody was really talking about the iPad and Motorola Xoom, yet no one would have ever thought of doing something like that. The ComiX series hosts a shed load of parodied content, but it's STILL not going against the lowest common denominator. These were the old days though, it's gonna be a tough challenge to make anything like that anymore... Well, perhaps if I made the iPad have a Pikachu wallpaper, then yeah people will rack in by the dozens xD

The point is, to an extent I can agree with you, that this place has changed. I still continue to show my support for this site despite no one recognizing me anymore, but I'll never change just to get famous by one small parody.

.... *sigh* Now that's over, I'm gonna take a shit on Charmander, kill some Minecraft servers, Get Robin back with Batman, Take some spikes off pretty unicorns and shove them up their asses, and Piss of Arin Hanson once more :) PEACE!

fluffkomix responds:

You were actually one of my inspirations back when I first started here. I'm glad you're making the push for more original content.

Thanks for your support, i'll hopefully see you back around here sometime.


2013-01-23 11:31:20

Sad to hear you are leaving man.

This was a very interesting read. Unfortunately, with your point #1 I haven't lounged around enough in the art portal to really grasp the size standards and info there to really understand your point.

#2: Well, there will always be good and bad/annoying people on big creative sites such as this...I feel that really is always's really just how you handle the situation with that person.

#3: Hehe, well people love to mimic what they like and there will always be people to copy styles, colors,etc. I do agree there tends to be a lot of things here that sometimes I find kinda edgy and super weird...but we humans are all different and all of our quirky traits makes us all unique. Now, I know there are an absurd amount of parodies that have been done so many times that it can get pretty annoying, but I feel there is great original content along with nicely done and original thought-out parodies out there too and I think Newgrounds does a pretty good job of trying to fish them out of the giant waves of "overused and unoriginal" parodies that seems to be continually submitted...If I'm making any sense.

I've loved Newgrounds, now my account says I joined relatively recently but I remember the first time I stumbled here when I was 11 and played Iragination's FireMan-Incoming Storm. Then made a super old NG account once I turned 13 around here somewhere and made sprite stuff then over time eventually evolved to make flash cartoons which helped me learn more about fundamentals of animation/art/etc, now I'm in college hoping to get into Medical Arts Grad Program. I know Newgrounds has its annoyances, faults, and what nots but in a way it just shows that Newgrounds itself is human. I know Tom and the Staff work their ass off on this place and seeing all the types of people submitting all kinds of crap on here..but I really think they work hard trying to find those who have amazing potential or have progressed throughout and shine the spotlight on them.
Idk, I'll get off my soapbox, but Newgrounds has been a pretty big part of my life..better than DA or Tumblr could ever do. It really can help you give confidence and sorta prepare you for stuff that you will always endeavor as and artist/musician/programmer/author/(and whatever else I missed)... but like all good things it just takes some time. All the best to ya man!

fluffkomix responds:

Not exactly leaving, but closing this door for now. I agree when you say NewGrounds is human. I've never found a website that feels more personal than this one.

Have a good one


2013-01-23 15:51:25

You made my heart drop, man! I thought you were going to die like Edd Gould did.

I know how you feel like. Ever since Newgrounds changed to a more"advenced" site, I can't get my stuff in the art portal. You have to scouted. Occasionally, I think about making my own site and not use Newgrounds too much.

fluffkomix responds:

Nope! Still alive and kickin!


2013-01-23 15:52:47

I do agree parodies have a limit.

fluffkomix responds:

limit has been breached


2013-01-23 20:18:00

There is times where I feel like leaving too. Although I get the same amount of views wherever I go, there is just something about Newgrounds that keeps calling me back. It must just be because I don't really like letting go of the past. Newgrounds has definitely changed, i'll give you that. Animators really aren't grasping my attention like they used to. It's just all parodies and stuff so they can attract an audience for the wrong reasons.

I work hard on my animations, I put a good 3 months into my newest animation, and it only got 8th of the day just to be beat by some parody. Parodies are funny, don't get me wrong, but I wish people would appreciate something original, like they used to, than sit and watch parodies all day :/

We need new and original stuff. I'm trying to give that to the people here on Newgrounds. I hope they're seeing it, and liking my work, because I love Newgrounds, and I really want the people here to watch something new and original, just like the good ol' days, even if it's not that good lol

fluffkomix responds:

If it's your thing, keep pushing for original content and keep improving yourself. So long as you don't stop practicing and studying you will become better :)


2013-01-24 01:09:38

When I first read this post, I was a bit upset. It's sad to see a user leave, especially with such bitter final thoughts. It made me feel sorry, even if I had never interacted with you personally on the site.

Then I read MindChamber's post and changed my mind.

If you aren't seeing original content, then you're not looking. Simple as that. There are a shit ton of artists on this site working their asses off to give you a few minutes of great, original content, and you blow them off by leaving?

Then there's this great line, "I guess the reason it disgusts me so much is because it feels like there's no talent on the front page any more."

You're upset that you don't see top-notch, original content on the front page when you only visit once every few weeks? Well, please allow me to be the first to welcome you to, a site where the community has a huge say in what gets put on display. If you want something to get noticed and put on the front page, you are expected to do your part. So, that leaves us with a question: where the hell were you to vote on an original piece when it needed your help to get into the daily five?

Again, if you're not seeing original content, then you're not looking. If you're not looking, you may as well be gone anyways. Simple as that.

(Updated ) fluffkomix responds:

Fair enough. You've made some good points (mindchamber as well).

No I'm not contributing that much to this site. No this post isn't necessary since this site has really taken a back seat in my life, and I haven't been helping much. But that's not what this post is about.

I've been on NewGrounds for almost five years now. Back when I started off and the few years following that I was extremely active. I helped good content win awards, and kept bad content down. It wasn't much (obviously seeing as I have a low level) but it was something. I made animations, I got involved in the community here, I purchased things.

Now my life is busier than it was back when I had nothing to do. Back when animation wasn't so much of a focus. Right now I spend my life sleeping and practicing/studying art and animation. Maybe some time with friends on the side, and possibly a quick hop on the front page of reddit and facebook to check up on current events and my friends. I don't have time to scour the site for the great animation that could be there, I can only check the front page every now and then (if that) and check out what my friends tell me to check out. People have worked hard to make this content for people like me, but that doesn't make me entitled to check it out and give it a rating. I've got things to do man! I can always come back later when I have more time in my life.

Really, this is just another step in my life. Things fade away, new things enter. Just because i'm letting this fade away doesn't mean it wasn't important to me. NewGrounds isn't the same for everyone, and it shouldn't be. Some people come here for the animations, others for the games, some more for the community. None of these things here appeal to me any more in the same way that they did in the past, and that's completely okay. This is all just my viewpoint and no one should be taking this too personally.

The point behind this post is that NewGrounds isn't what I want out of it any more. My priorities have shifted as has my focus, and I just want to look at other things for now. Is that too much to ask? This post exists because I felt NewGrounds was important to me. I could have just faded off into the sunset but I made this post because without NewGrounds I wouldn't be in the great place that I am right now. Even if it's not for me right now, it's still my starting point and I won't ever forget it. Even if no one read this I felt that it needed to be said.

I hope you understand.

P.S. looking back I feel that the word "disgusted" is a bit strong. I'll edit that out.


2013-01-24 05:02:42

Somehow, your description of Newgrounds reminds me of High School. As a freshman, I met seniors that had personality, diversity of character and a good communication ethic. By the time I became a senior, I saw very few of those qualities in my class. The quality of the people that frequent Newgrounds will ebb and flow, just like the tide.
I've been coming here for almost 12 years. The content (art) imitates the lives of it's users, who are predominately, on the young and immature side. When you take into account the shrinking middle class, changes in school lesson plans, different fare in the mass media... all these things shape and mold younger folks into different creatures than what went before.
Don't forget your username and password, given time, Newgrounds and it's users will eventually change into something more hospitable.

fluffkomix responds:

My username and password are locked in memory, friend. This account is staying as long as NewGrounds is, and I hope that I can always find a place here whenever I decide to fully come back.


2013-01-24 09:22:48

The response you've gotten for your news post has only proven just how inhospitable the NG community has become. I'm sorry. Your post is more than reasonable and doesn't deserve any of the insults you've received.

fluffkomix responds:

Thanks man. Really though, everyone's entitled to their opinion and if they don't like what I've posted so be it. It'd be nice if they toned it down a bit though


2013-01-28 11:50:38

It's been a few days, but I felt I should respond to your comment. Everything in that response was completely fair and acceptable. The biggest problem I had with your main post was that you put the brunt of the blame on the community for not engaging you, rather than on yourself for not engaging the community. I feel this line really sums it all up: "None of these things here appeal to me any more in the same way that they did in the past, and that's completely okay."

It's the difference between saying that you're leaving because the artists have no talent vs saying that you're leaving because you simply don't find the content appealing anymore. It's not the biggest distinction, but it's one that still changes the tone of the situation (hate vs change). The reasons that you gave me in your response are completely justified, and I'm appreciative that you clarified. I wish you luck in your future endeavors.

(Updated ) fluffkomix responds:

Yeah I did mess up the wording a bunch, haha. I do feel like a bit of the talent has fallen from the front page, but it's definitely working it's way up there. It'll be a little while until we get some more happyharrys and egos and hot diggedy god damn demons.

Thanks for the well wishes, and I hope to see you and this site frequently again in the future

P.S. In case you're wondering why I'm still coming back to answer comments, it's because when I was younger I promised myself that I would respond to every single comment/review no matter what, and I still want to keep that. Some things change, some things stay the same :P


2013-02-05 17:29:39

Haven't been on NG in the longest time. I saw I was subscribed to you on youtube and noticed some new animation test videos by you. I then got curious and checked back here. Wow, it's been so long, hasn't it?

fluffkomix responds:

Holy shit

It's you

Holy fucking shit it has been so long

What have you been up to what have you been doing


2013-02-15 03:25:48

Sad to see you go. Keep following your dreams.

fluffkomix responds:

never gonna stop :]