Entry #2

I'm back?

2016-03-20 19:47:41 by fluffkomix

Naw, I'm not quite back. Still don't have time to dish out animations any more, but for as long as I'm working at Titmouse you can guarantee that I'll be posting my annual Five Second Day animations here!


If you want to follow me on a site I update more frequently, check out my art blog!


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2016-03-20 22:21:44

welcome back.

fluffkomix responds:

Even though I'm still afk for the most part, it feels good to be back.


2016-03-21 10:30:37

Welcome back :) I saw your name on the daily picks and I had intense de ja vu, but once I got on your profile I remembered you! That's awesome you're working at titmouse! :)

fluffkomix responds:

Yeah man, it's a rad job for sure!