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Hey, that was cool! Loved that grungey feel to it!


This is definitely the sign of a good animator. Being able to take others' designs and animate them as if they were in their respective shows is an ability all animators need, and you showed it off perfectly here.

The only thing that bugged me is his feet sliding at the very beginning, but all the great animation inbetween that and the ending definitely made up for it

army sucks

but i still love you yotam.

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this game is the perfect culmination of all the different genres. Shooter, adventure, RPG, racing, etc, and it pulls them all of so brilliantly!

Especially the cameo i made in it. I have a feeling that if that were not there, the game would have been a total loss, but you have saved it from the depths of hell and brought back a little extra. Kudos to you.

Quite certainly the best game i have ever played in my days, and i look forward to more from you.

Magical-Zorse responds:

Thanks, fluffy. I couldn't have done it without you :3

pretty good

the voices weren't that great, so i cut a point off for that, and i cut another point off because at the very end (i collected 29 sprite droppings), as soon as it was showing all the things i had unlocked, an output window, like the kind you see when testing a flash movie appeared and told me all these AS errors.

might wanna fix that.

wait what?

this was released almost a year ago! why did it get front page now? maybe because of its release on the ipod touch?

which i extremely recommend. amazing game for the touch

soapaintnice responds:

Thanks! Yeah, I guess the iPhone/iPod Touch release helped get it noticed.

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I remember when i was just a boy
summer afternoons filled me up with joy
i'd sit right down, turn on the tv
every day i'd giggle mischievously!

Thank you to cheez napkin, the only other person in these reviews to get the reference.

really nice

i like the flow of this song. really gets me going. even though it's not quite the type of music i like, i know what makes up a good song, so i'm not docking any points for that. I think you mightve abused the bass a bit too much, but it was still a very good song.

good work on this!

quite funny

after im done all my flash projects that i have in the works, i might consider animating this. i have ideas for it already.

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This is quite the piece of work. You need to go back and review some more of the art foundations before you work on rendering man

The anatomy seems to be really off, especially on the head. The perspective is really weird at points and you appear to have too many light sources (I don't know of too many artists that commonly use more than one major light source in their pieces). The pose is also very annoying to read and doesn't have a clear silhouette, causing a bit of confusion when you first look at it

The TL;DR of this is that you really need to work on your foundational skills before you start to rely too much on fancy effects like lens flare and glow. The use of those as a crutch will really hamper your growth as an artist

Fatelogic responds:

We obviously disagree, but I can respect your point of view. Just to make it clear though, there's only one light source in the whole picture (top right end of the image to be specific), two minuscule flares (earring and bracelet) and the faded projection of the main lens (bottom left corner) following the natural direction of the only light source already mentioned.

I like the path I'm going through, and luckily I'm pretty proud of my style (it appeals my eye, what can I say), so I really don't think my art will change acording to your perception of "correctiveness" (what I mean by this is that it probably will never be your "cup of tea", and that's just fine).

What can you do? Nothing is bound to be liked by everyone. I had enough time to grow accustomed to that idea, so no problem. As long as one enjoys what he/she's doing themselves, then that's the way to go.

Thanks for your honest, respectful thoughts nevertheless.

pretty sweet

the woman's expression looks pretty damn faked though. show some emotion in those brows and you should be fine. her right arm also looks a little detatched from the rest of her body

but other than that, this is great! love the shading, and the amount of shading and variety you're able to show using very few colors.


i love how you're able to completely copy (aka blatantly rip off) Jeff Bandolin's work (johnnyutah) and still pass it off as your own.

i looked at Jeff's portrait submission in the art portal of all the CC playable character portraits, and whaddya know. this is only in the heads, but the shading, the drawing, the expressions are all the same. some are facing the other way, but hey, like that's hard to do.

I don't even know how you got scouted if this is what you call hard work by you.

this is still jeff's work you're passing off as your own, and crediting jeff will not help you. The only thing that is really your art is the bodies, which aren't very good anatomy-wise.

so even though technically this is your art, if you asked some actual artists or random people if they would consider it 'your' art, they would probably agree with me (if they knew the same facts i do)

TheSpicanator responds:

Lol wtf ? hahah i said jeff drew them, and i just redrew them? i dont really know what your saying now. Your saying its my hard work? wtf? where in the hell did i say that. I said this is FAN ART for CC, and yeah i did "rip off" the menu characters. I fucking said that in my description you dumb ass. Your probably some stupid 15 year old from canada that doesnt know shit. Look man, re-read the damn description. I gave credit to Jeff, and yeah i know i took the menu characters, big whoop, i said i did. You need to read the description you bitch.


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